WHat's Happening Now

Friday, April 19, 2024

Vietnam Hackathon

I've been invited to help judge a hackathon in Vietnam at the Hanoi National University. 

.G/ Updates

I've helped Andrew Lee setup the .g/ TLD. This involves a registry using Varo in addition to a custom blog. The blog includes sections that are restricted to be only accessible to people with a Handshake resolver. Another section uses the TLD restricted proxy to only allow .g/ SLD holders access to some blog articles.

Visit Alee.g/

Server problems

My main server (this is a server I own and host in a data centre) stopped responding late last week. After weeks of postage and delays, I've replaced both the raid controller and the motherboard. After tons of troubleshooting the server is still not running yet. I'm now waiting on some Dell support to try to help fix this

New HNSDoH Nodes

I've just added 3 new DNS nodes to allow more reliability and faster speed for more people. These nodes were setup in partnership with EZ Domains.
These nodes are located in Canada, Netherlands & Singapore
Please note the webpage for this is currently down as it runs on my main server.

TLD Restricted Proxy 

I've just released a proxy app that allows you to set paths to be restricted to someone who holds a SLD on your TLD.
Git Repo


I presented a FireWallet demo at HandyCon. Listen in or watch the recording to see how it can speed up your wallet management.
Watch Recording

Other Updates

I've recorded some tutorials to my YouTube channel. Stuff like HNS Links, Site Manager and others.